Breakbulk / NIT / Project Cargo Shipping


When companies need to ship out-of-gauge or heavy cargo, they continue to turn to Crowley to deliver. For more than 60 years, we’ve been providing reliable end-to-end logistics solutions for any-size cargo between the U.S. Mainland, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands aboard our specialized roll-on/roll-off (Ro/Ro) vessels. Crowley transports power generation equipment, oversized transformers and electrical enclosures, large self-contained trailers, heavy industrial equipment, boats, personal watercraft, carnival rides, and more.

Watch this short video to see Crowley move a 44,000-pound generator and its 12,000-pound enclosure onto a Ro/Ro barge for transport to Puerto Rico.

Because we operate our own Ro/Ro barges and Lo/Lo vessels, your cargo is in our care as a on-stop, solution provider from when you drop it off to when you receive it. We use our vessels as part of a full suite of logistics services, including project management, to move cargo that just won't fit any other way – the bigger, the better.