If you’re like many residents in South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward counties, with relatives and friends in Cuba, you know all too well the headaches of trying to ship gifts to them. Donated items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, kitchen utensils, home decorations and other goods typically move in a circuitous route and take weeks, not days, to arrive. An ideal shipping solution is one that allows people to send gift parcels or miscellaneous items directly to the island nation quickly, affordably and reliably, all with the support of an experienced and trusted customer care team.

Introducing Crowley's Cuba Express Shipping Service

Fortunately, this is now possible thanks to a new service provided by Crowley, the only company that has provided shipping services from the U.S. directly to Cuba since 2001. Crowley’s new U.S.-Cuba Express Shipping Service makes it easy to ship gift parcels to Cuba. And because Crowley ships directly to Cuba from Port Everglades at least two times a month, via a fixed schedule with no additional stops, the company offers the most reliable and fastest transits in the industry – only 16 hours from shore to shore.

What commodities can be shipped to Cuba?

The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) allows certain Cuba shipments under a federal license. The BIS specifies that "gift parcels may contain a variety of items, including food, most medicines, medical supplies and devices, certain consumer communications devices, and other items of a type normally exchanged as gifts between individuals."

How do I ship my gift parcels to Cuba?

Getting your gift parcel shipped affordably and quickly from the U.S. to Cuba is simple:

  1. Call a Crowley representative at 888-246-9844 to make a booking. Prior to the call, please have the following information ready:
    • Name(s), surname and address of the sender
    • Name(s), surname, address and Identification Card number of the recipient in Cuba
  2. While on the call, our representative will ask you how you’d like to get the gift parcel to Crowley’s Medley, Florida, facility near Miami. You will be asked if you want to:
    • Deliver your gift parcel to Crowley at 10205 NW 108th Ave., Suite A, Medley, Florida 33178; or 
    • Have us arrange a pick-up by a courier service
    • Also on the call, the representative will ask you if your gift parcel recipient will:
      • Pick up the shipment in Havana or
      • Want the gift parcel delivered to his or her door in Cuba
  1. Once the booking has been secured and the gift parcel has been delivered to Crowley in Medley, rely on us to ship your donations to Cuba fast and on schedule.

Are there limitations?

Yes. BIS notes that “donors may send one gift parcel per month per eligible recipient. The combined total domestic retail value of eligible items may not exceed $800 per gift parcel. However, the frequency and value limits do not apply to food donated in gift parcels. Items contained in gift parcels must also be in quantities normally given as gifts between individuals.”  For more information consult this guide about shipping to Cuba and the list of allowed items and quantities.


What is the shipping schedule?

Crowley’s ship departs Port Everglades for the Port of Mariel, Cuba, at least two times a month for non-commercial cargo. Sailings are every other Monday and additional days, as needed. It is important that all gift parcels be received at Crowley’s Medley facility no later than 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoons to ensure loading on the Monday sailings. 

How long will it take for my gift parcel to arrive in Cuba?

Once the ship departs Crowley’s terminal in Port Everglades on Monday, it will arrive at the Port of Mariel, Cuba, the next day on Tuesday, following a 16-hour voyage. Upon arrival, Crowley will deliver your cargo to our Cuban partner, Cubapack, who will escort it through Customs inspections in Havana. Once cleared, your gift parcel will be made available to the recipient at:

Carretera de Berroa, Km. 1 ½, Zona Centro,
Almacén 17, ZELCOM, Habana del Este

For information about when your gift parcel will be available for pick up, you may contact Cubapack at 77959137 to 39, extension 1130; or direct line at 77959724.

For an additional cost, Crowley also offers home delivery services through Cupaback to any province on the island.

How can I learn more?

Crowley’s customer service team is at the ready to assist you in getting your shipment moving to Cuba. With more than 129 years of experience in the shipping and logistics industry, trust Crowley to deliver your gift parcel directly to the island fast.

To learn more or get a rate quote, contact us at 1-888-246-9844 or fill out the form below.