If you’re like the more than two-thirds of adults who make online purchases in the United States, you already know the convenience of internet shopping. But what if you’re buying gifts for friends and family who reside in the Republic of Cuba? Retailers typically don’t offer shipping services to the island nation, which means people must find alternative shipping solutions. 

That’s where Crowley comes in. Our direct shipping service from South Florida to Cuba allows gift parcels – comprised of furniture, appliances, electronics, kitchen utensils, home decorations and other goods – to be shipped quickly and affordably from online retailers, all with the support of an experienced and trusted customer care team. Crowley’s U.S.-Cuba Express Shipping Service ships directly to Cuba from Port Everglades at least four times a month, giving shippers the most reliable and fastest transit times in the industry – only 16 hours from shore to shore.

Getting Started

Before making your purchase online, it is important to review the List of Durable Items, or gift parcels, allowed for entry to the Republic of Cuba. This list also provides information on the allowed quantities per item, its value in Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) - which cannot exceed 200 CUC per shipment - and the custom duties required. All gift parcel shipments valued at less than 30 CUC are exempt from payment of customs duties, but items exceeding this amount, and up to the maximum value of 200 CUC, will result in the recipient paying fees equal to 100% of the shipment’s value.

Estimating Shipping Costs

Once you have identified the product you'd like to ship to Cuba, you must provide the cargo's dimensions - height, width, depth, in inches and weight in pounds. Gift parcels must not exceed 29 x 35 inches in height and width, and must weigh between 10 and 510 pounds. To get a free estimate, you can complete the form on this page and provide your product's specifications, or talk to one of our customer care representatives by calling toll free (888) 246-9844.

Begin the Shipping Process

To begin the shipping process to Cuba, complete your online purchase putting your name and billing address in one field, and using Crowley's Medley, Florida, warehouse information for your shipping address:

10205 NW 108th Ave., Suite A
Medley, FL 33178 
(Driving directions here.)

Once you have received confirmation of your purchase from your online retailer, you must send an email to Crowley’s shipping specialist at cubalcl@crowley.com with your shipment’s tracking number (typically from UPS, FedEx, etc.) and a copy of your purchase receipt required for Customs clearance.

If you are a new Crowley customer, you will be asked to complete a short form to set up your Crowley account. In doing so, you may receive a time-saving booking, or reference number, that you can use when making future shipments.

VIDEO: How to Ship to Cuba from the United States with Crowley Quickly and Easily

Transit Times to from South Florida to Cuba: 16 Hours

When your shipment arrives at our Medley, Florida, warehouse, Crowley's Cuba shipping experts will verify the dimensions and weight of your item, and provide an updated quote, if necessary. Once the information has been confirmed, you will receive a receipt to be paid through a major credit or debit card. Once paid, you gift parcel will be consolidated with other purchases and shipped on the next available vessel.

Crowley provides at least four regular sailings each month to the Port of Mariel, and features transit times of only 16 hours from Port Everglades, Florida. Upon reaching Mariel, Crowley’s partners assist you with Customs clearance, and can offer optional door delivery for shipments, between 10 and 100 pounds, to destinations throughout Cuba for an additional cost.

Crowley was the first U.S. carrier to obtain a license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the United States Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C., to provide regularly scheduled common carrier services for licensed cargo from the United States to the Republic of Cuba. Crowley launched its Cuba service in December 2001, becoming the first U.S. carrier to re-enter Cuba in nearly 40 years, and has maintained a regularly scheduled service ever since.