Guide on shipping miscellaneous to Cuba

*Please consult the recent changes in operations in response to COVID-19.

With Crowley you can send miscellaneous to Cuba from the comfort of your home by purchasing online or placing your items in a box and sending it to our warehouse.

1. What does the miscellaneous category include?

  • Non-perishable food
  • Medicines
  • Personal and household hygiene products
  • Footwear
  • Confections
  • Imitation jewelry
  • Lingerie
  • Perfumery and the like

Miscellaneous NOT allowed:

  • Meats: frozen, cured, dehidrated or fresh 
  • Meat productos or sausages (chorizo, ham, mortadella)
  • Non-pasteurized milk products
  • Fresh vegetables or fruits (including seeds)

2. How many pounds can I send and how do I prepare the items to be shipped as miscellaneous?

With Crowley, you can send a minimum of four (4) bags of three (3) pounds each. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make the three (3) pound bags to AVOID family member having to pay the required duties at destination. After four (4) bags, we recommend sending a maximum of 20 bags (60 pounds) per recipient.

You can prepare your miscellaneous in grocery bags, nylon, ziploc, etc. But remember NOT to exceed three (3) pounds per bag.

Inside the box, please include the following details on a sheet of paper:

  • Name and last name of the shipper
  • Contact number and email of the shipper
  • Name and last name of the recipient in Cuba
  • Complete address in Cuba
  • Contact telephone number and Identity Card number of the recipient

Please do not mix miscellaneous items with durable items. It is important that you consult the list of allowed durable articles to avoid errors and inconveniences.

Where do I send the box with miscellaneous?

Before sending your box to our warehouse, please make sure the address on the box reads as follows:

Your Name and Last Name
c/o Crowley Cuba Express
10205 NW 108th Ave.
Medley, FL 33178

What do I do if I buy the articles online?

Once you receive confirmation of your purchase from the online store, you should send an email to and provide the tracking number (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.). It is VERY IMPORTANT that in this email you include the recipient's details:

  • Name and surname of the recipient
  • Complete address in Cuba
  • Contact telephone number
  • Identity Card Number of the recipient in Cuba

What is the fee for shipping miscellaneous? 

  • $4.50 per pound (12 pounds minimum)
    For direct pick up services in Havana. This services is only available to residents in Havana, Artemisa and Mayabeque.
  • $6.50 per pound (12 pounds minimum)
    For home delivery throughout the island regardless of the province of residence. The recipient will only pay in Cuba $50 CUP (Cuban Pesos) per bag for Customs processing.

Once your box arrives at our warehouse in Medley, Florida, our shipping experts to Cuba will verify the products, the total weight and provide an updated estimate, if necessary.

We accept major credit and/or debit cards.

* Please consult point no. 2 to confirm packaging instructions.

How long will they take to arrive? 

Crowley is the only carrier that offers four (4) departures* per month from Port Everglades, Florida, and a shipping time of just 16 hours direct to Mariel, Cuba.

*Currently, and in response to the delays created by the pandemic, we are offering only two (2) departures per month for gift parcels and miscellaneous.
We offer our clients a reservation number so that they can track the cargo until arrival in Mariel. To date we have "0" losses.
Once on the island, our affiliates in Cuba will transact with the Cuban Customs and will contact you when the items are available to be collected in Havana.
Home delivery is 12-15 weeks once it arrives in Mariel, and is subject to customs formalities and external factors that may affect the process, such as lack of electricity, breakdown of processing equipment at destination, events weather, etc

Does the recipient have to pay tariffs in CUC in Cuba? 

To avoid family members paying duties at destination, you must divide the items into four (4) bags of three (3) pounds each (see point num. 2). The recipient will only pay $50 CUP (Cuban Pesos) per bag for Customs processing.

If you still have questions about shipping miscellaneous to Cuba, please contact us by completing this form or call toll-free at 888-246-9844.